Brothers and sister, they grew up and learned together music, the Trio Metral members share a connection and a sensibility wrought over years of scene experiences, travels and beneficials encounter. Their already large repertory grow rapidly thanks for a common interest for all music style. And lead them to work with numerous master of classic music as well as famous contemporary composer. Together and individually they are prizewinner of more than fifteen Prize; recently they have won the First Prize with Two Special Prize at the international Joseph Haydn competition in ViennaThe Trio Metral is in residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel where they work alongside illustrious formations including the Artemis Quartet. They also benefit from Michel Dalberto's attentive and caring advice, which they followed at the Paris Conservatory.


The Classical Review

"...The performances are remarkably fresh and vibrant. The same qualities revealing some incredible talent from all parties..."

" the difficult final movement of the second trio, the results are nothing but fabulous..."

"This trio is one to watch."

By Tal Agam. Link here.

March 6, 2019

"Le Trio Metral est très certainement l’un des jeunes trios les plus prometteurs aujourd’hui. Pour leurs qualités instrumentales,la passion de leur engagement,et leur intelligence musicale ,je soutiens vivement ces trois jeunes musiciens,et leur souhaite tout le succès qu’ils méritent!" - Gary Hoffman 

"Le trio Metral a toutes les qualités d'un grand ensemble de musique de chambre, plus une aussi rare que difficile à obtenir respiration commune qu'ils partagent depuis leur naissance. Un beau parcours qui leur permet de cotoyer les plus fameuses formation du genre." - Michel Dalberto

"Je tiens à recommander très chaleureusement le Trio METRAL pour son envergure artistique et son esprit d'authentiques musiciens chambristes. Je les connais depuis plusieurs années et leur formidable évolution les a conduit à une maturité musicale remarquable. Leur très haut niveau instrumental et leurs talents respectifs forcent l'admiration, mais plus encore, leur profonde recherche artistique, allant au cœur même du message humain, émotionnel et spirituel me touche tout particulièrement." - Yovan Markovitch 

Triple concerto de beethoven philharmonie de paris

Beethoven's triple concerto at the Philharmonie 2 in Paris.

Thanks to the OLC Orchestra, Philippe Aiche, David Petrlik, Takuya Otaki, and of course the audience so enthusiastic for this unforgettable concert! 

February 18, 2019

Awards Priz Joseph Haydn competition 2017

The Trio Metral wins the 1st Prize at the international competition of Piano Trio J. HAYDN 2017! With 2 Special Prize! The Audience Prize, and the best performance for the J.Haydn piano trio!

March 4, 2017

The Trio Metral integrated the Proquartet Residency Artist, joining Quartet Arod and Van Kujik actualy in residence.

March 10, 2017

The Trio Metral integrated the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel Residency Artist, joining Trio Zadig and Trio Medici actualy in residence.

March 7, 2017

Trio Metral Mendelssohn Scherzo molto allegro quasi presto

"Génération jeunes interprètes" Gaëlle Le Gallic show is diffused on France Musique. To see again our Mendelssohn trio look at our Youtube channel!

January 16, 2017