Victor Metral Biography

Victor gets his diploma of Musical Studies at the National Conservatory of Grenoble in the class of Sandra Chamoux and Christian Bernard. He continues his studies at the CNR in Lyon with Hervé Billaut and receives the teaching of Jeannine Collet, student of Mrs Bascourret (herself student of Alfred Cortot).


In 2009 he enters the Music Conservatory Superior of Paris, and gets his Master 5 years later under the teaching of Bruno Rigutto and Claire-Marie Le Guay then Anne Queffélec. He gets his conservatory Prize in 2014, in Michel Dalberto's class.

He is winner of the Stenway and Sons competition as well as the "Madeleine de Valmalette" competition and also gets the First Prize of the "Flame" competition, and "Jeunes Solistes" in Paris. Next he wins the First Prize of the 6th piano competition Térésa Lacuna and gets the "Special Jury Prize". In 2012 he is awarded the Special Prize Liszt at the Claude Kahn competition in Paris With his ensemble, the Trio Metral, he wins the international J. Haydn competition in 2017 with the First Prize and Two Special Prize: the Audience Prize and the Prize of the best interpretation of the piano trio of J. Haydn.

Always looking for improvement , he participates at numerous Master-class with Eric Heidsieck, Frédéric Aguéssy, Claude Cymermann, Laurent Cabasso, Romano Pallotini, Aldo Ciccolini, Menahem Pressler, Florent Boffard, Pascal Devoyon and Jean-Claude Pennetier

Since is younger age, Victor gets to go at several International Music Academy where he meets and works with big personnality like at the International Music Academy of Flaines, Prades and Courchevel.

Very young he plays already frequently in Solo or with his ensemble of music chamber, the Trio Metral. In particular he gots to play at the piano festival "Sainte Marie-d’en-bas" in Grenoble and gets to play a recital for the 14th festival. He plays for the famous show "La Leçon de Piano de Jean François Zygel" and get to play many times for the "Musée en Musique" in Solo and Chamber Music. Victor also plays at the Pablo Casals Academy Festival in solo and with the Trio Metral.

For the Bel Air Festival 2010 organised by Renaud Capuçon, he has the oppurtunity to play with Mariella Haubs violonist and student of Itzhak Perlman at "L'Espace Malraux" of Chambery. He meets and learns from  Aldo Ciccolini and plays at the "Festival de Fénétrange". In december 2011, he performs at the "festival de la Ballue" with the solists of the Opera in Paris. Also he plays « Au rendez-vous de Rochebonne » organised by the Pianist Hervé Billaut, for the festival « Printemps de l’Escaut » at Valenciennes. He plays also at the Festival « jeunes talents » in Paris, at the festival « les musicales du Jaur » in 2014, at the church of St-Ephrem in Paris, in the Auditorium Orsay Museum, and at the festival « le Printemps des Alizés » in Essaouira in 2013.


Victor is the pianist of the Trio Metral formed with his brother (violonist) and his sister (cellist), both diplomed at the CNSMDP in the classes of Olivier Charlier and Philippe Muller. They get the License of chamber music with Claire Desert, Ami Flammer and Yovan Markovitch and are curently in Master of chamber music in the class of François Salque. The Trio Metral has received the teaching of Mehnaem Pressler, Renaud Capuçon, Peter Crooper, Heime Muller and are alumni of the European Chamber Music Acadmy where they get to study with Hatto Bayerle, Johannes Meissl, Shmuel Askenasi, Ferenc Rados and Avo Kouyoumdjian for session organised in all Europe. Also they receive advice since 2014 from the Ysaye Quartet and Ebene Quartet Ebene. They are Artist in Residence at ProQuartet and follow the master-class of musical personnality like Menahem Pressler, Günter Pichler, Gary Hoffman, Krzysztof Chorzelski. They are also Artiste in Residence at the "Chapelle musical Reine Elisabeth" under the direction of the Artemis Quartet .